Former prime minister Nawaz Sharif , while addressing a lawyers’ convention in Lahore on Friday, said he will continue his “struggle to revive the sanctity of the people’s mandate”.

Nawaz said the lawyers’ community rendered sacrifices for the supremacy of democracy, adding that the Supreme Court delivered a "controversial decision" on Panama Papers case.

"The Supreme Court's verdict has become a public property. Such decisions, despite their implementation, cannot be accepted at large," he said.

Likening his 'movement for democracy' to Pakistan Movement, the former prime minister called on lawyers to join him in his struggle to restore the power of vote.

"You people were an integral part of our movement for the restoration of judiciary back in 2007. Will you join me in my struggle for the revival of democratic norms. Will you be a part of this movement for democracy?" he questioned.

Nawaz said Pakistan has suffered from setbacks. "We suffered a major blow in 1971 when this country broke into two parts. Pakistan must not suffer again," he added.