Islamabad: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf’s Chief, Imran Khan has said in an Interview with Hala Gorani of Cable News Network (CNN) that Pakistani sentiments have been hurt by Trump using Pakistan as a scapegoat and the Pakistani people are humiliated after giving so many sacrifices.

He claimed that Pakistan has been the biggest collateral damage in the war in Afghanistan due its support for US War on Terror with an estimated 70,000 dead, and a hundred billion dollars lost in the economy, and at one time with 80% of the population in tribal areas composed of homeless IDPs.

Responding to former US Ambassador to Afghanistan, Zalmay Khalilzad’s comments, Imran Khan has denied that the Government is informed about the location of terrorists, further going on to say that if Khalilzad seems to know that the roots of the terrorists are in Quetta and Peshawar, why have they not passed on the information to the Pakistani Government.

Khan questioned the plausibility of Trumps policy by saying that one of the mightiest military machines in the form of a hundred and fifty thousand strong NATO forces could not stop a small group of three thousand strong Haqqani group which Pakistan is being accused of harbouring.

Imran expressed that the Afghan Policy was ill though out, and had no proper political solution. He claimed that it was unjust to Pakistan to be blamed, since it was itself the biggest suffered of this war.

When asked about the withdrawal of US Aid, Khan recommended to the government that Pakistan could do without the aid, and that Pakistan is much better staying out of Afghanistan, since the aid is too costly in terms of loss of life.

National Action Plan was commended by Imran Khan, claiming that the legacy of the 80’s has to end, and the political parties have come together to ensure that only the government has a monopoly over the arms.

In a message to Trump, Khan said that Trump’s Afghanistan policy is flawed, and is more of the same. He wants the neighbours (China, Russia, and Iran) to be involved, and a government of consensus should be formed after dialogues with the Taliban. He reiterated US should also leave Afghanistan because as long as they are in the country they will continue to create problems.

Answering a question related to his wish to become the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Khan said that he had a sportsman training due to which he is always optimistic, and felt like it was their time now.