LAHORE - Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif said on Thursday that national issues were resolved to a large extent during the current tenure of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N).

“Pakistan of 2017 is securer and prosperous than the Pakistan of 2013. Due to unanimous decisions taken by the political and military leadership, tremendous achievements have been made in the war against terrorism. Pakistan’s commitment to eliminating terrorism and extremism is unwavering,” the chief minister said while talking to elected representatives who called on him here on Thursday. He said that sacrifices rendered by Pakistan in the war against terrorism were unprecedented and due to these sacrifices peace had been restored in the country. He said that Pakistan would be made a centre of peace by completely eliminating terrorism.

The chief minister said that speedy development was directly related to economic stability and continuity in policies. He said that economy had been strengthened by solid policies of the government in the last four years and an increase in foreign exchange reserves was another achievement of the incumbent government. He said that sincere efforts of the government to strengthen the economy had created new opportunities of employment. As a result, he said, Pakistan became economically more vibrant than before. He said the government had moved the country to development and prosperity after wriggling it out of a quagmire of problems. “The pivot of the politics of the PML-N is selfless service of the people. The PML-N leadership has served the masses with commitment and passion and come up to the expectations of the people. The mandate given by the people has been honoured and the promises made with the masses have been fulfilled,” he said. Untiring efforts have been made to provide facilities to people, he said.

Shehbaz said the tenure of the PML-N government was historic with regard to progress and modernization, as the latest infrastructure was required for speedy development. “This is the reason that infrastructure has been improved in Punjab at the cost of billions of rupees,” he said. He said that thousands of kilometres of carpeted roads had been built in rural areas under the Khadim-e-Punjab Rural Roads Programme. This project has proved a game changer and strengthened the rural economy, he said. This is by far the largest project of construction and rehabilitation of rural roads in the history of the country, he claimed. Due to construction of carpeted roads in rural areas, he said, people were enjoying better transport facilities. The Khadim-e-Punjab Rural Roads Programme has left a positive impact on the agricultural economy, as farmers can now take their produce to markets, he said. A large portion of rural population has been benefiting from this programme, he said. Punjab has become a hub of trade and economic activity due to improved infrastructure, he added.


On the directions of Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif, a special helpline has been set up to provide necessary guidance to the Pashto-speaking population of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa about dengue.

According to a spokesman, helpline 0800-99000 has been launched to provide necessary guidance and awareness to Pashto-speaking people. At the helpline, a doctor will guide people about symptoms and precautionary measures against dengue. Medical teams of the Punjab government are already treating dengue patients in Peshawar and sensitising them about precautionary measures against dengue.