NOORPUR THAL - The Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) gave the poor people political awareness and made them realize power of their vote, PPP leader Sheikh Kamran Latif said.

Talking to mediamen here, he said that PPP Founder Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto not only gave rights to the oppressed segments of society but also protected ideological boundaries of Pakistan. He pointed out that Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto was the only ray of hope for poor people against capitalists and feudalists. “He not only united all factions in the country but also resolved their problems,” he added. Sheikh Kamran said that conspiracies were hatched against the PPP but its leadership never used abusive language and violence against the political rivals, adding that the PPP is adherent to the mission of Zulfiqar Bhutto which is democratic stability in Pakistan. He also highlighted the PPP’s struggle against dictators, saying people’s love for the party cannot be erased from their hearts.