ISLAMABAD: The relatives of deposed Lal Masjid cleric Maulana Abdul Aziz were stopped from holding a press conference by the administration on the basis that mosques should not be politicized.

The Islamabad police closed off the main entrance of the mosque around 3pm where a press conference on alleged enforced disappearances of Aziz’s family members was to take place.

Aziz’ nephew Haroon Rashid censured the police for taking charge of the mosque gates and said the move was a human rights violation.

The police suggested that he talked to the media instead and hold the conference on the street as have been done by them before.

Some media persons got into an exchange with the police for not allowing them to even enter the place for praying.

The new assistant commissioner city Saad Asad had a discussion with Mr. Haroon and it was decided the media would leave the premise but those who want to pray will not be stopped.

Later, Assistant Commission informed the media that the press conference had been cancelled and the reservations of the family had been taken into account.

A spokesperson for Aziz said that they would file an application with the Supreme Court.

Shohda Foundation issued a statement condemning the police and Islamabad Capital Territory administration’s actions.

The statement put blame on state agencies for enforced disappearances of people related to Lal Mashid and Jamia Hafsa, and Aziz’ relatives.