MPA Punjab Assembly Hina Pervaiz Butt submitted a resolution in Punjab Assembly on Friday to prevent women from being murdered in the name of honour in the country.

The resolution read:

"Urgent legislation is dire for the prevention of honor killings. It is the responsibility of the state to provide safeguard for women. Women like Qandeel Baloch have been victims of such gruesome incidents. Hence this house demands from the government for efficient measures to be adopted to stop murder in the name of honor and suitable legislation to be conducted in this regard."

Honor killing has become a tremendous menace for Pakistan. In the patriarchal society of Pakistan, women have been seen to regularly become victims of the wrath of their male guardians who believe “Girls are born to be at home and follow the traditions only.”

Due to the rise in the number of women being murdered, in 2016 a law was passed by the Pakistan government according to which a killer will have to face 25 years of imprisonment, and also DNA test will be practiced to determine the intensity of suffering the victim has gone through and the amount of imprisonment the rapist should receive. 

However, almost a year had passed and the implementation of the law is still nowhere in sight.