rawalpindi - In an unprecedented move, Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Operations has reportedly suspended a traffic warden for not clearing the route for his vehicle at Ammar Chowk, sources disclosed to The Nation on Thursday.

According to details, SSP (Operations) Irfan Tariq Khan was coming back from Islamabad to his office in an official jeep when he sacked a traffic warden Asif Mehmood (850/CTR) for not stopping traffic movement by switching off the traffic signals at Ammar Chowk, they said.

The move on part of SSP has also annoyed the big-wigs of the traffic and district police. According to government’s policy, the president, prime minister and other VVIPs including Army’s top brass are eligible for protocol during their movement on the roads while no other official can enforce the traffic police or district administration to stop the traffic movement.

According to sources, the traffic warden Asif Mehmood was deputed at

Joint Check Post (JCP) set up at Ammar Chowk when he received a call from a Duty Officer on wireless at 9:45 am who instructed him to clear the route for the SSP (Operations), as he was approaching near Ammar Chowk in his official jeep.

Asif rushed to office of MP located in Ten Corps to get the key for opening the switch box of electronic signals placed in the Chowk. However, the MP refused to hand warden over the key. Meanwhile, SSP (Operations) issued suspension orders of the traffic warden, they said.

“I was suspended for not stopping the traffic movement for a police officer who was not eligible for the VVIP protocol,” said the traffic warden Asif Mehmood while talking to The Nation.

He said that he was performing his duty at JCP and had no authority to enforce the Military Police to give him keys of the switch box of the traffic signals.

“I ran towards the check post of MP for the keys but the SP was annoyed over the delay,” he said. He said SSP could easily cross the square as there was no traffic mess at that time. He said MP controlled traffic movement generally and only they can switch off the signals during VVIP movements.

Chief Traffic Officer (CTO) Chaudhry Yousaf Ali Shahid has confirmed that SSP Operations suspended the traffic warden for not clearing route for his squad at Ammar Chowk. He refused to comment when asked about the eligibility of the SSP for VVIP protocol.

However, the SSP (Operations) Irfan Tariq Khan denied this and told The Nation that he had not suspended the warden but forwarded a special report against him for showing negligence during duty hours. He added that when he was passing through the square, the warden was absent from his spot which lead to a massive gridlock.