Three day long Urs of Syed Abdullah Shah, a celebrated Punjabi poet and a sufi saint referred to as Baba Bulleh Shah started in Kasur yesterday.

The Urs will be held from 24th August to 26th August.  Rose water is sprayed at the shrine and its environment and aroma gives felling of mysticism. People across Punjab and other provinces come to the shrine  in large numbers to pay their respect and revere their beloved Sufi.

According to the reports, 2,000 police officials have been deployed there for security purposes. In order to avoid any incident,  devottees are instructed to enter the shrine through gates installed at different places.

Bulleh Shah was born in a small village named Uch Gilaniyan near Bahwalpur. When he was 6 months old his parents moved to Malakwal because his father who was a tutor and preacher got a job there in Pandoke‚ fifteen miles southeast of Kasur. He received his higher education from Kasur and found a mentor  Sufi saint Shah Inayat Qadri.

Bulleh Shah practiced  and added to the Punjabi Mystic poetry formed by Shah Hussain‚ Sultan Bahu and Shah Sharaf. He was a contemporary of Punjabi mystic poet Waris Shah‚ and Sindhi mystic poets Abdul Wahed (popularly known as Sachal Sarmast) and Shah Abdul Latif Bhatai.

Following the practice of  major Punjabi Sufi and Sikh poets, Bulleh Shah wrote about 150 Kafis.