One of the country’s most prolific singers Zeb Bangash is set to make an appearance in Pepsi Battle Of The Bands (BoB) this season. Zeb’s singing prowess is irrefutable. Her musical journey extends from Brooklyn to Bollywood and she has long been a part of the prestigious Coke Studio ensemble with her being recognized as some of the show’s biggest all-time hits. While her presence in the currently ongoing 10th season of Coke Studio is sorely missed, the singer has dabbled with a completely new avatar for her performance on the BoB stage.

Hitherto the award winning singer and music-director has predominantly been associated with the popularization of traditional melodies and soulful songs. With BoB, she takes an about turn, seeking inspiration from the legendary Nazia Hassan and delving into retro pop. Her special celebrity performance on the show will feature a track that is funky, whimsical and a nostalgic throwback to the pop culture of yore.

Indeed, Zeb has often been likened to Nazia in terms of skill, performance and timbre and tone. In her ode to one of local music’s pioneering talents, she interprets pop in her own unique way.

“I enjoy all genres of music and my song for Pepsi Battle Of The Bands is a foot-tapping, happy go lucky number,” says Zeb. “The show is dedicated to seeking out and encouraging new talent and I thoroughly enjoyed listening to some very promising bands and guiding them. Performing on the stage was a definite high point and the melody I sing is very distinctive.”

Zeb has endeavored to add a modern electronic beat to the song by working alongside producer Mooroo as well as with the BoB producers, Faisal Rafi, Faisal Baig and Ahsan Bari. Other musicians performing on the song include Hammad Khan, Kami Paul, Bradley D’Souza and Lenney Massey.

Zeb’s performance in the 6th episode of BoB will be aired on Sunday, September 3rd, 2017.