Islamabad-The Anti-Car Lifting Cell (ACLC) of Islamabad police has recovered 54 stolen vehicles during the last 6 months, it has been learnt.

These vehicles were stolen from different parts of the capital city from time to time, according to the local police.

The officials said that the police have started a campaign against vehicle-lifting and the seizure was the outcome of the police’s endeavours in this regard.

They said that the operation was launched on the directions of SSP (Operations) Islamabad. 


According to the data, the ACLC also recovered 23 other vehicles which were stolen from other districts of the country but were being used in the limits of Islamabad. Special pickets have been erected by the ACLC on different roads so as to check out stolen vehicles. During the same period, the police also recovered 14 motorcycles from Islamabad out of which 8 were stolen from other districts of the country. All these vehicles are collectively worth millions of rupees and would be handed over to the real owners, the officials said.

They further said that the police also seized 16 non-customs paid vehicles. They said majority of these vehicles are worth millions. Furthermore, the police also seized 40 tampered vehicles during the last 6 months. These vehicles were identified after undergoing a lab test. The ACLC has a laboratory which can detect any tampering with the number on the chassis and engine of the vehicle. These are usually stolen vehicles and the criminals tamper with the chassis number of the vehicle to hide its real identity and sell them to innocent customers, but the ACLC is keeping an eye on the practice. The police said that they have arrested 74 accused in this connection. “In some cases, investigation is underway and in others, challans have been submitted in the relevant courts of law,” said a senior police officer who is privy to the details of the police’s crackdown.