Give me a break and ponder over it a little before pronouncing your verdict against me. 

So far I have purchased 3 batteries for my mobile phone none of which worked beyond a week or so. On my asking for a warrantee/guarantee from the battery seller he refused to oblige saying that he can guarantee only for 24 hours; that is for the first charging time. 

I buy fruit leaving it to the vendor to pick up the proper ones for me and invariably find some of them rotten when I reach home. 

I will not talk of the water in the milk (or is it the milk in the water) or the counterfeit and replicas of quite a many cosmetics, toiletries and soaps etc. or for that matter even the meat of the dead poultry or animals or even of a donkey because we are too used to them by now. However, when my thumb was marked with the indelible ink on the 25th instant, which mark is still there after five days, it made me wonder why was it done? I think I was “branded” to be known to all that I had cast my vote and that should I try to vote again somewhere I should be instantly spotted and prevented from doing so. Oh bless me, why should I be doing that? Wouldn’t that be cheating? Then I was not the only one whose thumb was painted, it was done to the whole nation!!! What do they think, are we a nation of the cheats or what, that none was spared?! And still more baffling is that we ALL just accept such outright allegation that! is tantamount to an indictment!!! 

Do they do so in the West also, whom we are never tired of calling day in and day out laanti and maloon?? 


Rawalpindi, August 2.