LAHORE  -  The chairman of the Lahore Waste Management Company (LWMC) held a press conference on Eid day to counter statements made by Lahore Mayor Mubashir Javed about cleanliness situation in the city.

The LWMC top officer stated that negative comments made by the mayor demoralised workers working in the field and left a very bad impression. He said that cleanliness operation was affected by rain at Shalimar Town and it resumed after rain.

“The mayor is respected on all platforms but such comments are not commendable when 15,000 workers are performing duty day and night to ensure best cleanliness services,” an official said.

Earlier, the mayor expressed his dissatisfaction with the cleanliness in the city. LWMC accompanied by the district administration disposed more than 43,000 tons of animal waste, particularly offal, during three days of Eid-ul-Azha Operation.

The operation was carried out by 15,000 sanitary workers, 2,000 machines and on-toe support of Turkish Contractor Companies, including Albayrak and Ozpak. The district administration expressed satisfaction with disposal of waste during Eid holidays.

LWMC distributed 2.1 million waste bags, which were distributed to masses at Eid camps, model camps, shops, mosques and during door-to-door campaigns.

At least 116 temporary waste collection and transfer stations were set up subsequently to dump the waste at dump sites. At least, 297 Eid camps were established at Union Council level that helped work in a better and well-coordinated way. Animal waste was dumped at dumping points in an environment friendly manner covering it with soil and lime. Special arrangements were made at major slaughter houses.

LWMC top officers paid visits across the city, including Mughalpura, Salamatpura, Taj Bagh, Johar Town, Iqbal Town, Kot Lakhpat, Shahdara, Signpura, China Scheme, etch.

Four zonal officers and sanitary supervisors were suspended over bad performance.

Film and TV actor Afzal Khan aka Jan Rambo took part in LWMC cleanliness campaign during Eid days and appealed to citizens to help LWMC make city clean. Rambo himself washed Qurban Gah Jamiya Naemia.

Rambo said “I am thankful to LWMC for inviting me and I am always on toes to help LWMC in this noble cause which is the responsibility of every citizen of Lahore.”

All operational activities were monitored in the state of the art video wall monitoring room at LWMC head office.

Lahore Commissioner Division Dr Mujtaba Piracha said that strict crackdown had been administered to implement Section 144 on roasting/perching of heads and trotters of sacrificed animals, and against the collection of hides without permission.

Dozens of violators of Section 144 and one person collecting hides without permission was arrested in Sheikhupura. He said that cleanliness operation would continue till removal of waste. He expressed that all concerned departments and staff performed their duties very efficiently. He said that complaint centers also gave effective feedback to citizens. The commissioner of Lahore division also visited main control and complaint cell of LWMC at Shaheen Complex and he observed the video wall for receiving complaints and redressal mechanism.