Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf PTI after forming federal gov't .the captain Imran Khan has become CM. As economy of Pakistan victim of inflation. It is very hard to increase GDP gross district production. Which is needed huge effort to enhance economy. PTI led federal govt would have to baring out country from existing economy nomic crises. Beside this one gov't would have to approach international monetary fund IMF for bailout package to improve its payment situation. However recently the dollar has been increased. So It would be causes of inflation. Wizard Assad Umar who is like to be next finance minister .so he going to face the real issue which Pakistan has. Government should go for restoring competitiveness the need 20to 25 years. So Kahn is the lastest hope for Pakistan who can launch the industries. So at last I would like to say that new gov't must take careful action as well as plan to improve economy level best. 


Balochistan, August 2.