Now a days, our country seems in an extreme vortex of confusion and tumult. The new government is going to face some formidable challenges in international and national level as well. Imran Khan, the next prime minister of Pakistan, is bond to fulfil all his promises he made to the masses . He has to put Pakistan on the road of development and prosperity to make a Naya Pakistan (new Pakistan).

While on the other hand, there is a strong opposition which would not allow Imran Khan to run his government smoothly and uninterruptedly. Even in Senate , the ruling party would be in a hot water to make legislation, due to the oppositions, majority seat in the upper house.

Despite of it, the party’s grouping system, is another setback in Imran Khan’s way to combat the imminent challenges. He is getting into insurmountable troubles, and also looking confuse ,whether he lead the party or to run the government.

Certainly, it is a sad fact, that history repeats itself, whatever Imran Khan did after the 2013, elections ,the opposition is too firmly vowed to follow the same ideology. They are ready to stand on the same container which Imran Khan has already experienced. It exactly indicates that our political system is based upon the greed for power not on the ideology that Quaid-e-Azam had envisaged for Pakistan. Where everyone could live with equality and prosperity, Where the life and property of minorities must be safeguarded, where every individual have an easy access to justice and education.

To cut long story short, I humbly urge all the forthcoming stake holders, to have a mercy on Pakistan. We are isolated and have become a laughing stock at international level. It is high time to think, how to bring Pakistan back to the main stream. We should be self-reliance rather than leaning at other states. We should serve our soil and it should not let to hurt by the enemies malicious ideas.


Balochistan, August 3.