KARACHI  - The Pakistani economy is facing stagnation and there is a dire need to promote new enterprises and create new jobs, says University of Karachi Vice Chancellor Dr Khalid Mahmood Iraqi. “Science can certainly solve our problems. Experiment and observations based solutions can certainly resolve our daily issues and can become potential business opportunities,” he said at the closing session of the day-long conference on Karachi University Business Science Conference 1.0 arranged by the Department of Physiology at the International Centre for Chemical and Biological Sciences Auditorium.

He mentioned that KUBSC 1.0 is an innovative idea of promoting entrepreneurial development based on sciences especially biological sciences.

“I strongly believe that Pakistani youth has a huge potential in every field and in every domain. The question is how we can capitalize and tap on this potential. The answer is entrepreneurship and the promotion of new ventures,” he said. Iraqi said that speakers have asked you to seek and chase your inner potential, which would help you to think in away entrepreneurs think and provided you with the tools like digital marketing which can help you to establish your businesses.

He said that 21st century is a century of science and science based developments. This world has seen so many amazing inventions in this century which has completely transform our world. From medicines to medical instruments things have got completely changed.

He added that most of these inventions are recognized today as billion dollar businesses and are considered as the largest firms of the world and encourage students to explore the magic of entrepreneurship in every possible area of biological sciences.

He urged all the faculty members, researchers and students to see science with the lease of entrepreneurship so that our problems can be solved and we can have more jobs. Meanwhile, the Senator Abdul Haseeb Khan shared his personal experienced and told the audience how he started working at the age of 12 years and later started his pharmacy-based industry.

He appreciated the conference vision and encouraged students to come forward and to create opportunities for nation.

Well-know motivational speaker and the founder of Al Midrar Institute Shekh Atif Mehmood motivated attendees with his extremely powerful words toward career counselling or simply becoming triumphant in their lives.

The Information Technology Director Sindh Police, Tabassum Abbasi, appreciated the motive to drive students towards entrepreneurship/ startups, e-business, digital marketing and freelancing.

The founder of the ELN Networking Sana Farooq stated if a person is ready to face risks, then we can say that he or she has a potential to be entrepreneur. While talking about the art of entrepreneurship she mentioned that risks come with the opportunities themselves.

The founder of Institute of Digital Marketing Shoib Ahmed summerized his experience of a decade into an hour lecture, teaching remarkable knowledge of digital marketing. Sameer Saleem, trainer at IDM, was keen with the attendee-speaker interaction because he had a belief that effective learning can be made possible by asking and answering unclear questions. He said that freelancing is the art of dedicated masters and he proved it through deliverance of his training session. 

The Chairman, Department of Physiology, KU, Dr Taseer Ahmed Khan said that the objective of organizing the conference was to motivate the promisingly talented youth from every field towards the entrepreneurship and startups, e-business, digital marketing freelancing. 

He said that the speakers shared their experiences and transfers the knowledge to students and told them that apart from the business schools, they can also go for their own startups.

Earlier, the panel shared their experiences of utilizing both science and business to boost work. They trained entrepreneurial minds with the maximum motivation, techniques and rarely delivered information and motivate them to own startups.