LOS ANGELES-Camila Cabello doesn’t use social media ‘’that much’’ because it’s ‘’not good’’ for her.

The ‘Señorita’ hitmaker tries to stay away from Instagram as much as possible because she can’t help but absorb the negativity and allow it to affect her.

Taking to her Instagram account, the 22-year-old pop star said: ‘’Really wanted to send love to everyone on here -- I don’t go on social media that much cause it’s not good for me, and I don’t know how to not be affected by what people say on here so I just don’t read it.

‘’But I am totally aware that I can use this platform to help people even in small ways! So to anyone on here who is struggling, which we all do sometimes cause we’re human!!! I super recommend taking five minutes out of your day to just breathe.’’

The brunette beauty has been trying to focus on meditation and breathing to help reduce her anxiety on a day-to-day basis and she can already feel it ‘’improving’’ her life.

She explained: ‘’I’ve been doing this lately and it’s helped me so much, I didn’t understand meditation before, or the concept of just noticing your breath, but I’ve been doing it the past few months and I can feel the quality of my life improving.

‘’I used to live so much in my head, constantly trapped in my over thinking and being in my head as opposed to the present moment and lately just going back to my breath and focusing on it puts me back in my body and back in the present and helps me so much.