The Veterans of Pakistan (formerly PESA) on Sunday lauded the response of government and army to the Kashmir crisis.

It demanded of the United Nations and the US to impose sanctions on India over the grave violations human rights.

A meeting of VOP was held with its President Lt. Gen (Retd) Ali Kuli Khan in the chair in which veterans expressed satisfaction over the foreign policy.

It is for the first time that UN and the world powers have talked about solving the Kashmir issue under Security Council Resolution, they said.

Members said that United Nations must now consider imposing sanctions on India for violations and the US must warn India about possibility of sanctions, they demanded.

The former military leaders expressed appreciation at the Government’s decision of not disturbing command structure of the Army and condemned India for “water terrorism” resulting in flood, displacement and losses.

The executive council also supported the Prime Minister’s decision of not talking to Mr. Modi under present circumstances. Pakistan has been calling for talks since long. Talks at this stage would amount to from a position of weakness.