The fast changing circumstances in this region are detrimental to regional peace. Afghanistan is going through highly uncertain dangerous transition as the final outcome of USA/Afghan dialogue is not yet certain. USA is focusing on this issue while I do not expect any positive outcome from Donald Trump’s mediation in favour of Pakistan as USA will pressurize both Pakistan & India to first support USA in resolving Afghan Taliban issue as per its strategy.

I foresee the increased intolerance in India under RSS as Modi is just a puppet in the hands of RSS. India will experience the worst ethnic clashes between Muslims and Hindus and there will be a mass migration from India to Pakistan and Bangladesh. Modi is trying to fulfill the section of the agreement signed with details as below:

Illegal Scrapping of Article 370 and 35 A: The special task was assigned to the PM Modi and Shah about the status of the Kashmir. The Modi has to abrogate the special status of Jammu and Kashmir since RSS termed the Kashmir issue as self-created problem that former secular socialist governments in India had created for the country. With RSS, the solution of the Kashmir issue is what is practically done by the Modi Led BJP Sarkar. One can conveniently determine that the applied solution of Kashmir issue is one of the prerequisites of the concept of Hindutva. Thus, Modi has brought in the power for another term to accomplish the task of abrogating the special status of Jammu and Kashmir, which he delivered.

Implementation of a common civil code against Human rights & Interfaith violations: They are determined to implement common civil code so that different religions cannot follow their own laws for issues like marriage and owning property. In the vision of the Hindu extremism, it is tasked that no other religious practice should be followed, thus encouraging in the announcement of the common civil code so the different religions cannot practice their own laws for the key religious issues. Mainly the common civil code targets the religious minorities in India. As the RSS claims that Hinduism is not a religion, but a way of life so with the common code, the cultural and religious values of the minorities will be snubbed and they will be forced to adopt the Hindu culture and values. The ultimate objective of this chauvinist mindset is to ensure that in Indian none other than Hindu religion should prevail.

Building a Ram temple in Ayodhya : The continuation of “Ram Janam Bhoomi Movement” led to the unrest in Gujrat. The then Chief Minister of Gujrat Narendra Modi government played the role of the silent audience while its parent Sangh led by L.K Advani with the majority from Vishwa Hindu Prishad played worst with the Muslim community. The bewildering behavior of the RSS sponsored killings during the regime of Narendra Modi was his conformity to the Hindutva ideology. During the movement,lots of the Muslims from Gujrat lost their lives in the hands of extremist Sangh Parivar parties but Narendra Modi did not react against them. In his election manifesto Narendra Modi has given his word to his creating RSS for building the Ram Mandir and after the execution of his first promise regarding abrogation of Kashmir now he will be heading for the construction of “Ram Janam Bhoomi Mandir”. Modi with his destructive mindset will change the following:

a. He will first change the Demography in Kashmir to convert the Muslim majority into the minority. The special status of the Kashmir is demolished to pursue the demographic changes in Kashmir in addition, to convert the Muslim majority in to Muslim minority. The basic aim of Modi government is to implement the Hindutva ideology as it is tasked to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi. In the past, Hari Singh, who was the ruler of the disputed territory, pledged that Kashmir should be an independent state. This territory of Jammu and Kashmir was carried by the fore fathers of the Hari singh as an autonomous and independent state. The Modi government breached this status by attacking this territory and demolished the special status of the Jammu and Kashmir.

b. They are trying to destabilize Pakistan through Baluchistan in order to hinder the economic growth perceived with the success of CPEC. India has created the hybrid war to destabilize Pakistan and gain a successive economic power in the South Asia region. It has attempted many intelligence operations in Baluchistan. By attacking the region of Baluchistan, it was aimed to destabilize Pakistan by dividing Pakistan into parts and engaged them in nationalism issues. The Indian also attempted to destroy the CPEC project in order to cut the development in Pakistan but instead of being successful, the Indians faced defeat every time.

c. He wants to execute the larger plan now which is to impose the cause of Akhand Bharat as his ideological agenda. It entails the creation of Indian Union on the forum of European Union. For this purpose, India claimed to have the government of its choice in Bangladesh. It refers to revive the subcontinent into its pre independence state. The hostility and aggression against Pakistan and the Muslims in India and Kashmir is to achieve the dream of Hindu Rashtra. By scrapping Article 370, the Indian Governments has started its move towards the transformation of India into the only Hindu’s state.

d. Prime Minister Modi is planning to isolate the Pakistan from the international community by any means, weather it is trade or diplomatic relation of Pakistan. Recent action of the FATF is the key element which shows the plan of the Indian government to defame Pakistan in the financial affairs. The Indian media is using doctored videos to defame Pakistan. The recent air strike of Pakistan on India made India bow its head yet on the other hand the Indian media was engaged in making false propagandas against Pakistan by using doctored videos of air strike but this fact was tracked by the world how the Pakistani force replied to the violation of Indian air craft. India has also been trying to disconnect Pakistan from the international community. Thus, this is all the part the larger plan of Modi government to out ray Pakistan from international affairs and to pave the way for Hindu extremists.

It is a matter of fact that Modi has the ball rolling for the disintegration of India.