In public sector organizations, antecedents and character of appointees are verified from police and intelligence agency. Different medical tests as blood sugar, blood pressure, and eye disorder, etc are also carried out before the appointment.

It is reported that every one person out of five in Pakistan is a psychiatric patient these days owing to problems like skyrocketing inflation with low salaries, bad law and order situation, phobias of different nature like abduction and abuse of children, scarcity of water, long hours load shedding, suicidal bombings, etc. In such a scenario, any person is likely to suffer from psychiatric disorders of any nature like depression, schizophrenia. Being sadistic is very common in work places.

An employee suffering from any mental disorder cannot perform well and his psychiatric problem might not confine to himself but to the whole organisation. So it would be much better if a psychology test is carried out before appointment and during service. It should be made an integral part of service and sessions should be held on and off so that every employee work with healthy mind and mindset.