Why are Balochis failing in exams like CSS and PCS? The biggest reason is that they will always try to use expressions which are not needed. They try to use difficult words which must to be used. As this is known to all of us that we are trying to use such words or such expressions which can’t play a great role in these exams. The main purpose is to make the reader realize that Balochis are expert and more talented than the people of Punjab, Sindh or K.P.K.

Recently, Qasim Naeem who belongs to Baluchistan and passed CSS in the second attempt said that “ the main reason for the failure of Balochis is that they try to use difficult words or expressions like ‘Muzeee Salam Kicked the bucket’ which is not needed to be used here”. We should see people from other provinces of Pakistan who get passed. Let’s bring improvements and try to get passed in the competitive examinations like CSS or PCS.