The complications of load shedding and the supply of electricity have always been the problem of local consumers. The previous governments have also taken the matter of electricity solemnly and their top priority has always been the provision of cheap electricity to consumers on a very sustainable basis.

Recently, PTI’S government has taken the initial major step towards providing cheap electricity to local consumers by signing a basic accord with Independent Power Producers. Under this new accord signed with IPPs, the payment would only be made for electricity acquired and consumed instead of the total installed capacity of a particular power plant. Moreover, the equity return would be made in rupees rather than US dollars which will boost up the value of Pakistani Rupee.

By this accord, the government has also intended to enhance the share of renewable energy to 20 to 25 per cent in the overall energy mix by the year 2030 which will help in reducing dependence on petroleum fuel and cost of power production. The main point to be highlighted of this accord is that the IPPs would not only follow the prescribed limit of NEPRA but the Government will have the share in the savings of IPPs. This accordance will help to reduce the cost of electricity for local consumers. The impact of this agreement will soon benefit the consumers by a visible decrease in the monthly electricity billing.