Peshawar             -          Federal Minister for Anti-Narcotics Azam Khan Swati on Monday said that no compromise would be made on purging society from the curse of narcotics and a weekly report from all divisions of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa would be obtained regarding actions against big fishes of narcotics business for taking them to the task. 

Talking to media persons at Anti-Narcotics Force Police Station at Mansehra, Azam Swati categorically said that big fishes of narcotics smuggling and business would be presented before the court of law for exemplary punishment. In this religious and moral task, he said political and social figures should also play their crucial role. 

The minister said that the journey of change would be taken to the doorstep of narcotics dealers, adding confining these elements behind the bars had become his mission. 

He said the Anti-Narcotics Force was managing and controlling six districts from Mansehra and a system was being devised to receive a weekly report on actions against narcotics dealers.  

Azam Swati said after 18th Amendment it had become duty of provinces to take indiscriminate action against narcotics dealers in their respective areas. 

The spread of narcotics, he said, was a tragedy for our youth adding that to cope with this menace all political and social figures should extend all-out support to the government. 

Earlier, Commander Anti-Narcotics Force, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Brig. Mateen Ahmad Mirza gave a detailed briefing to the minister on actions against narcotics dealers and assured that a weekly report in this regard would be presented to the ministry. 

The minister further clarified that to purge out the curse of narcotics from society, the government was following zero-tolerance policy adding that all available resources would be utilized to keep every house, educational institution and public place away from the effects of narcotics. He said the Prime Minister had reposed trust in him by handing over him this ministry and he would leave no stone unturned to take forward this task in accordance with the PM’s aspirations.