RAWALPINDI - Federal Minister on Aviation Ghulam Sarwar Khan on Monday said PPP and PML-N have looted the wealth of country with both hands mercilessly and hence are deemed to be worthy of being murdered.

“These robbers, corrupt, characterless dacoits have done nothing other than plundering the resources of this country for 35 years and had destroyed the motherland in name of democracy,” the minister said. Addressing the media after visiting the Labour Complex in Taxila, the federal minister said the NAB should tighten its noose around the corrupt and looters, adding that he would not protest if the anti graft body grilled his family.

He said the opposition should not make hue and cry because of accountability launched by NAB. 

“These corrupt politicians have also sucked the blood of poor and mugged the nation, and they are worthy of being murdered,” he said in an angry tone.  Minister said that the county is passing through a critical phase but Prime Minister Imran Khan and his aides would steer it out of crises. He said the whole PTI is united under the wise leadership of PM.