It is very rightly pointed out that the solution to Pakistan's present terrorism related internal crisis lies in defining and gaining control over its borders. We have had three wars with India on the eastern borders due to this. History proves war is not a viable option for resolving such conflicts. Disputes like this can only be settled through mediation and negotiation. For successful negotiations, first and foremost, we need to build confidence. Since India and Pakistan are arch rivals and have porous borders, it becomes even more important to take Confidence Building Measures (CBMs) to restore trust of the people on both sides of the Line of Control. People on both sides of the LOC, as well as the Durand Line, have realized now that the war is not a mean to any end. Only mutual confidence and trust will lead them to solution of the complex issues that cause armed conflicts. CBMs taken by the present regime with the neighboring countries are the concrete steps that needed to be taken in this regard. These CBMs show a political will and seriousness of resolve. Instead of criticizing the government, we should lend complete moral support to the government and strengthen its resolve to sort out these issues peaceably. -MUHAMMAD SADIQUE, Lahore, via e-mail, December 23.