The model who fell to her death from a block of flats lodged a complaint of sexual assault with police. Sahar Daftary, from Brentford, died in the fall from the 12th floor balcony of businessman Rashid Jamil's Manchester flat on Saturday. A spokeswoman for Greater Manchester Police told the London Evening Standard: "Police received a report of sexual assault in May 2008. An investigation was launched but the victim refused to co-operate further." Jamil, who has been branded a womaniser by Daftary's family after he wed the 23-year-old in an Islamic ceremony while still married, was arrested on suspicion of murder but was later released on bail. She died after falling from his 12th floor luxury apartment. Her life fell apart after she discovered he had allegedly been married three times before A close friend of Daftary, who asked not to be named, said: "She (Daftary) went to the police about six months ago after she split with Rashid. She thought she was being followed and walked into a police station near the apartment in Salford Quays to lodge a complaint. Daftary had been in Jamil's home city of Manchester for work but was persuaded to go to his flat after he offered her an Islamic divorce. Her sister Mariya Massumi, 34, said Daftary had previously tried to get Jamil to sign divorce papers but he had not agreed. Ms Massumi said: "On the way up to Manchester, Sahar was arguing with Rashid on the phone but then he acted nicely and promised to sign the divorce papers." The family, having released pictures of Daftary's marriage to Jamil at the Holiday Inn in Brentford last December, now claim the union was never registered. They have also insisted she would not have killed herself and had 'everything to live for'. Meanwhile his second wife, a lawyer by whom he has an 11-year-old daughter, said she had left the former curry house boss because of his drinking and womanising. It is also unclear whether Jamil's third marriage was ever legally recognised under English law. Daftary, who had been planning to fly to Dubai with friends for New Year's Eve, had tried to rebuild her life, recently starting studies for an accountancy degree. Jamil led the life of a wealthy entrepreneur but was behind a string of failed businesses and lived in a rented flat. He was arrested on suspicion of murder after she plunged to her death from his 12th floor waterside apartment at the weekend but was later released on bail. It is understood that evidence so far points to her death being suicide or a tragic accident. " Daily Mail