LAHORE - Losing spree continued on Wednesday as bleeding Karachi Stock Exchange went further down to 3.8 per cent on eighth consecutive day and raised alarming situation as KSE bourse had lost now 27.5 percent of its total value within a short span of over one-week time. KSE lost further points after the market regulators removed a "floor" on the country's benchmark indexes imposed to stop colossal losses to investors and brokers. The tumbling KSE-100 on Wednesday shed 263.97 points to close at 6,660.18 while 49 scrips recorded gain, 127 landed in the negative column and 11 scrips remained unchanged out of a total of 187 companies. It seems that there is an autumn season is prevailing in Karachi Stock Exchange market as bourse fell for the eighth straight day while analysts are opined that only government bailout could stem the heavy losses. The removal of floor is proving to be an ominous for markets, which was imposed in August to redress the grievances of brokers and traders. But the fact is that these brokers are now at the verge of bankruptcy as they haven't sufficient money in their respective accounts to pay off their liabilities. If the losing spree in markets remained continue, these brokers would very soon declare to be defaulters. While even optimistic traders are of the view that market would continue to fall for a few days more. They anticipated that the market could shed at least 10 percent further before it stabilises. Whereas, they hoped, government's bailout package could boost positive sentiment in the market as soon as it is announced, they added. They opined that government should quickly unveil its oft-promised 20-billion-rupee (250-million-dollar) bailout package in order to boost the confidence of the traders and brokers who, according to a news item, had deposited over Rs 400 billion in just four years. But contrary to these hopes, the government so far has not finalised the time when to inject the market supporting fund. It is pertinent to note that International Monetary Fund (IMF) recently awarded Pakistan a 7.6-billion-dollar credit line to help stave off a balance-of-payments crisis and had granted permission to pour support fund out of the tranch but concerned authorities are still undecided how and when to pour supporting funds. One could consider it a temporary relief as Karachi market would be closed because concerned authorities have announced a public holiday. Volume on Wednesday was a relatively healthy 59.06 million shares " double the average earlier this week, but still less than a quarter of the 250 million shares traded daily last year. Volumewise leader remained Pak PTA Limited shares. On the other hand, Lahore Stock Exchange (LSE) remaining lacklustre saw the LSE-index shedding 92.68 points and wrapped up at 1804.61 points. Pak PTA Limited was the leader volumewise on Wednesday which lost its value to Re 0.17 closed at Rs 1.31 with volume of 8,699,000 shares followed by NIB Bank which also lost Re 0.33 closed at Rs 3.31 with volume of 8,458,000 shares. TRG Pakistan, PICIC Inv Fund and Dewan Salman also shed their values of Re 0.21, Re 0.97 and Re 0.15 closed at Rs 1.41, Rs 2.13 and Rs 1.06 with volumes of 7,146,500, 4,458,500 and 4,056,500 shares respectively. Kohinoor Textile and JS Value Fund also lost their values of Re 0.80 and Re 0.60 closed at Rs 3.20 and Rs 3.15 with volumes of 3,296,500 and 2,715,000 shares traded respectively. Cement sector was remained lucky as it landed in the positive columns. While Zeal Pak, Maple Leaf Cement and Pakistan Cement gained their values of Re 0.05, Re 0.36, Re 0.19 closed at Re 0.52, Rs 3.09 and Rs 2.27 with volumes of 2,089,500, 1,791,000 and 1,478,5000 shares respectively. Likewise energy sector also remained lucky as it also gained value. Bosicor Pakistan, Kot Addu Power and Japan Power also landed in the advance columns while gaining Re 0.06, Re 0.22 and Re 0.11 closed at Rs 3.78, Rs 26.63 and Rs 1.51 with volumes of 867,000, 864,200 and 488,000 shares respectively. Meanwhile, the KSE-30 index also dipped down and shed 354.89 points wrapped up at 6564.35 points while KMI-30 index also tumbled detaching 354.90 points closed at 7689.43 points.