KARACHI - Civil Defence Department, responsible to maintain law and order besides performing rescue activities during emergency and warlike situation, is in very pathetic condition due to negligence and lethargy of the Sindh government, The Nation learnt on Wednesday. As Pakistan is passing through a critical situation after continuous threats from its arch rival India in the backdrop of Mumbai attacks, it is the need of the hour to organise the Civil Defence Department enabling it to cope with disasters in case India imposes war on the country. Regular drills and exercises of hundreds of the volunteers of Civil Defence had been suspended during the past several years owing to lack of official interest and shortage of funds. It may be noted that Civil Defence had been devolved to the CDGK in 2001, according to the SLGO, when first city government assumed office, sources said. "The functioning of Civil Defence had been suspended due to various reasons, but one of the main reasons was the shortage of funds as the Sindh Government and CDGK did not take interest to run the department properly", the sources added. Sources further disclosed that the warning system of Civil Defence, which alerts the citizens through sirens in case of any emergency, is out of order and the officers concerned do not have any interest to get it repaired. The Civil Defence Department is still functioning according to the old planning as its offices have been established in four defunct districts, South, West, East and Central, in the City. The directorate of the Civil Defence is situated in Jubilee, Garden East. Sources said that out of more than 200 employees working in the department across the province, about 80 employees have been deputed to the above-mentioned offices established in the four defunct districts without performing any duty.