LAHORE - The Federal government on Thursday dropped enquiry against Orya Maqbool Jan Abbasi after charges, levelled against him, could not be proved. According to a source, Prime Minister Syed Yousuf signed the summary on Thursday, in which it was maintained that the charges against Orya Abbasi could not be substantiated, and he should be exonerated. The said summary was with the Prime Minister's Secretariat for the last two months. This enquiry was initiated by the Musharraf government in July last year when Orya Abbasi spoke against the Pakistan government, especially the then President General (r) Musharraf, for launching military operation at a religious seminary Jamia Hafsa, in Islamabad. On a television show being aired from Iran, he was quizzed, "Does Musharraf has a way out?" Orya replied by saying, "No dictator ever have a way out." The above 'prompted' the Pakistan government initiate an enquiry against Orya. At that time, he was working with the Economic Cooperation Organisation Cultural Institute (ECI), as the Executive Director, which is a four-year tenure post. After his July 8 interview, the Pakistan government immediately called him back, but it took quite a while as he was not released by the ECI. "After his delayed arrival back home, Musharraf ordered against giving any post to Orya, but during the General's dwindling rule, Orya was posted as Federal Joint Secretary Health Ministry, and now after the General's exit, the government has dropped the enquiry against Orya," said the source, seeking anonymity. He also added that four enquiry officers were changed till January 2008 after the enquiry was initiated last year. "The post of the Executive Director ECI is still lying vacant, and there is a strong likelihood that Orya will be reposted against the same post, as the ECO make selections for the post itself, and Orya is said to be popular with the ECI bosses," said the source. Presently, Orya is awaiting posting with the Punjab government after he was made Officer on Special Duty on December 18 when he was serving as provincial Secretary Information, Culture and Youth Affairs Department. "It is expected that the Federal government will call Orya back in the coming days, as the process has already begun at Islamabad," said the source.