NEW DELHI (Agencies) - With the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) flying sorties over two important cities in the wake of heightened sub-continental tensions after the Mumbai attacks, the Indian Air Force (IAF) has been carrying out precision bombing practice runs to prepare itself for any eventuality, sources in Indian military said Wednesday. With the option of carrying out precision bombings in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir doing the rounds, IAF sources told Indian news agency IANS that its fighter jets have been carrying out practice sorties at firing ranges in the Rajasthan sector and elsewhere. 'Precision bombings are being carried out at various air-to-ground ranges like Pokhran, Jamnagar, Jodhpur, Gwalior and Halwara,' an IAF source said. However, IAF spokesman Wing Commander Mahesh Upasani said: 'It is a routine exercise. We carry out such practices on a regular basis.' The sources also added that there would be no deployment of IAF fighter jets at forward air bases. 'With the coming of air-to-air refuellers, India does not need to deploy fighters at the forward bases. The aircraft can cover any distance, perform their mission and return to their respective bases,' the sources said. Pakistan does not have air-to-air refuellers.