ISLAMABAD - Pakistan will soon dispatch its diplomats to important world capitals and other states to counter the aggressive diplomatic offensive by India aimed at isolating its nuclear archrival and getting it declared as terrorism sponsoring state by the United Nations. "Pakistan is keenly monitoring the diplomatic moves of India and it is also well aware of the ultimate objective of New Delhi, which is to label Islamabad as state sponsoring terrorism by the United Nations," said a senior official here on Wednesday desiring not to be named. He said Pakistan has decided to send its senior diplomats to different countries of the world to counter the Indian diplomatic offensive, with focus on world powers like the US, UK, France, China and others etc. He said Pakistan would also take the Islamic countries like Saudi Arabia, Iran, UAE and others into confidence, on its standoff with India, fully explaining to them Pakistan's position on the contentious issue as well as India's aggressive postures and designs against Islamabad. The official said that in fact initial contacts had already been made with friendly states in the west as well as Muslim world but that needed a follow-up which would be done in form of visits of Pakistani diplomats to those nations along with others. He said Pakistan had some idea about the possible Indian moves aimed at isolating Pakistan at international level but after the recent two-day conference of Indian envoys abroad in New Delhi alarmed the ruling circles here. After that, he said, it was decided that the international community would be given detailed briefing on Pakistan's inclination to cooperate with India on Mumbai attacks and its offers in this regard. "They will also be informed that the Indian authorities are blaming Pakistan without any concrete evidence or proof and with no recognition of fact that Islamabad has suffered more due to the global menace of terror than any other state," the official said. Another official when contacted said that Pakistan was not only sending envoys to different parts of the world but its foreign ministry was also in close contact with different embassies in Islamabad on developments taking place on the front of Indo-Pak relations in the wake of Mumbai carnage.