A channel reported in just one line that district Abbottabad had passed a resolution saying the Pakhtunkhwa issue is a conspiracy against Pakistan. I fully support this resolution. In 1947 when the Muslims were struggling to carve out a homeland for themselves from the vast expanse of combined India, the Muslim majority province of NWFP was, unfortunately, controlled by the Congress and its lackeys. They were seeking independent entity status or inclusion in Afghanistan for NWFP instead of its merger into Pakistan. In those days, the Afghan government also officially claimed their right on NWFP. It still holds the claim. Kabul and its allies, including India, still wish for a change of name for the NWFP and want it to be none else than Pakhtunkhwa. The adoption of this name is the first step in the mischief that is afoot in this region. It may be noted that despite play of various forces in different directions, the British government had held steadfast on holding a referendum here in 1947 in which the province of NWFP had freely voted to join Pakistan. Since then, Afghanistan harbours the desire to hijack the province from Pakistan under the slogan of Pakhtun nationhood, notwithstanding the fact that Pakhtuns are a minority in this multi-linguistic province. According to Selig Harrison, "The Taliban, primarily a Pakhtun group, exploits secessionist sentiments amongst the 41 millions Pakhtuns who live on both sides of the Pak-Afghan border". The wish to change the name is driven by a puffed-up emotion. The area occupied by the Pakhtuns is much less than the rest because the so-called Tribal Areas are not part of the NWFP. People say there is nothing in a name but in this case, the new name has an explosive conflict in its belly. -BRIG (Retd) A.Q ANJUM, Rawalpindi, via e-mail, December 17.