ISLAMABAD - Speaking about vulnerability of children being exposed to the hazards of child labour, living in the streets and exploited at the work places, educational institutions or homes, a first ever-musical Album on child rights has been launched the other day. Music has been termed as an effective medium to help relive pain and sorrow. Music is being used worldwide as a therapy to ease stress and strains of life and illnesses. With a view to raise awareness about child rights through effective tool of music, the Society for the Protection of the Rights of the Child (SPARC) Islamabad- based NGO has launched a musical video for creating much improved and friendly environment for children. The musical album conceived and executed by Executive Director SPARC Qindeel Shujaat, who has brought together voices of singers from Pakistan and India. The videos revolve around the juvenile justice, street children and bonded labour and talks about the vulnerability of children. While speaking on the occasion, Executive Director SPARC, Qindeel Shujaat said that we have veteran and sweet voice Mehnaz from Pakistan and Kumar Sano from India lending their voices in support of child rights and that too pro bono along with many more both experienced and amateur singers from Pakistan. He described that audio-visual aid has been used to draw attention of public towards children who are largely ignored or taken for granted even within the safety of their homes. "They have unique needs. They need special attention, strategies and mechanisms, their issues of love and care, protection, schooling, repatriation should be taken up both by the public and the government," he added. Renowned literary figure Iftikhar Arif was Chief Guest of the event. Iftikhar Arif, in his address, shared experiences of his childhood and what efforts he has made to make child friendly environment for his kids in light of his learning. He asked parents to fulfil their responsibilities towards children. Shujaat Rahi, lyricist of the album, shared his thoughts behind poetry pertaining to child rights. While talking about album representative of SPARC board member Anees Jillani said that this was an innovative and dynamic direction and means to promote child rights and draw attention of the various communities to this cause. Anees asked children to begin with improving surroundings and lending a helping hand to needy children. He said that we were looking forward to the support of all partners working on human rights.