ISLAMABAD " Asking India to exercise restraint from any aggressive design against Pakistan, the National Assembly on Wednesday passed a unanimous resolution against Mumbai terror attacks. Minister of State for Foreign Affairs moved the resolution, which urged India to stop hostile propaganda against Pakistan and break the network of terrorism, working on its own soil. It has been further said in the resolution that no one will be allowed to destabilize the region and "Pakistani nation is fully equipped to give a befitting response to any aggression. Pakistan Army is fully capable to tackle any challenge and India will be stopped against any aggression on Pakistani soil and aggression of any sort will not be tolerated/accepted", says the resolution. It also reaffirmed Pakistan's strong commitment to peace, security and stability of South Asia and to eliminate terrorism in all its forms and manifestations in the region. It condemned the terrorist attacks in Mumbai and Pakistan. It also extended sympathies to the families of the victims and the people in both the countries. It further condemned the war hype in a region where, given the nuclear capabilities of both the countries, war could not be a viable option to resolve the conflicts between the two countries. The resolution further demanded of India to stop blaming Pakistan for the terror attacks and accept the failure of its own intelligent agencies. The resolution also asked the world community to force India to take practical steps rather than blaming someone else for the Mumbai carnage. It stressed upon the international community to ensure that India must dismantle its terror networks, which affect peace and destabilise the region. The resolution also hailed the efforts of Pakistan to defuse tension in the region, particularly Pakistan's offer to cooperate with India for joint investigation of the Mumbai incident. It condemned unsubstantiated allegations levelled in haste against Pakistan. It called upon India to respond to Pakistan's constructive proposal with a view to address concerns, relating to the incident, and defuse tension in the region. The resolution reiterated the importance of respecting the principle of non-intervention and non-interference in the internal affairs of other states, a pre-requisite for ensuring peace, stability and progress of South Asia. The resolution further reaffirmed Pakistan's desire to pursue its constructive engagement with India in a comprehensive manner to build confidence and mutual trust to resolve amicably all outstanding issue including Kashmir and establish friendly and good neighborly relations with India on the basis of equality. The resolution also asked India to include Pakistan in the investigations to find out the real culprits behind Mumbai carnage. The resolution said that Pakistani nation is united and stands ready to defend its honour and dignity as well as Pakistan's sovereignty, political independence and territorial integrity. "The nation and the armed forces of Pakistan shall together defend Pakistan's security interests at all costs", the resolution added. Speaker National Assembly Dr Fehmida Mirza after unanimously voting approved the resolution on national defence and congratulated the House in this regard. While wrapping up the debate, Federal Minister for Parliamentary Affairs Dr Babar Awan informed the Lower House that no one could caste evil eye on Pakistan. "The world must realise the fact that according to chief of the UN Security Council, Pakistan has suffered the most from terrorism, thus, has uncountable incidents in this regard", he stated. He said that Pakistan did not want war with India, as war is no solution to any problem, especially in dealing with the situation resulted from Mumbai terrorist attacks. The minister further said that no one wants tension in South Asia. He said that the nation and army were fully capable to defend borders of the country and 'everyone is united in the time of crunch'. "India has not provided any evidence regarding Pakistan's involvement in Mumbai attacks", Awan added. PML-N MNA Rana Tanvir Hussain while participating in the debate said that country's leadership must take a stringent stance against the challenges faced by the country in the last month or after Mumbai attacks. "The government needs to take all the parties, including the people of Pakistan, into confidence on all decisions concerning national security", he observed. Sardar Bahudur Ahmed Sehar, PML-Q MNA, said that the media of both Pakistan and India is creating an unnecessary hype, which 'is not in the interest of any country, especially in the situation resulted from Mumbai attacks'. Marvi Memon asked the government to take notice of allegations leveled unremittingly against Pakistan by the Indian government and media after Mumbai attacks. Marvi Memon also said that the incumbent government is following the US tailored policies and had no courage to either to give a befitting repose to the US or to speak to them. After approval of the National Assembly's resolution, Speaker Dr Fehmida Mirza adjourned the session sine dine.