LAHORE - PML-N Quaid Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has declared Indian government attitude irresponsible, saying that threats and challenges are no solution to problem, rather a responsible behaviour is needed for the purpose. He offered that he would force Pak government to hold a fair probe of the Mumbai incident, should India provide good evidence. Nawaz said this while talking to the Nawa-i-Waqt/The Nation and Waqt News channel in a special interview regarding the prevailing situation. He said India was now levelling charges on Pakistan in a bid to destabilise it. "I have been holding the most important position in my country and hence in the know of all such things. We are asking for evidence in a very responsible way. It may be Ajmal Kasab or someone else, it is an obligation for India to give evidence, while our duty is to work for peace in the region," he added. Hoping a better attitude on the part of India he opined that blame-game could not provide solution to any problem, rather matters would get confused in that way. "India itself has admitted that Pakistan is not involved in Mumbai incident and all the Pakistanis including me have concern over the incident. Moreover, Pakistan itself is in the swirl of terrorism. India, therefore, should adopt a reasonable attitude," said the ex-premier adding, "We want to have ties with India but our relations with India are linked with the resolution of all the issues including Kashmir." He said that he had also given a proposal that both the countries should exchange information on terrorism and have dialogue with utmost solemnity in Delhi or Islamabaad. Answering a question about nuclear test blasts, Nawaz Sharif said that he was under global pressure, not only that of the US president, but he was aware that it was needful to establish Pak sovereignty, therefore, it was done. A single phone call, that too from US Foreign Secretary made Musharraf tremble with fear. This is the difference between democratic leadership and the 'Wardi Walas' (those in military uniform)," he said. Talking about the UN Security Council resolution on Lashkar-e-Taiba and other organisations, the ex-prime minister said that the said resolution had been submitted to the Security Council in Musharraf's regime, but it had been held in abeyance on technical grounds. Nawaz called an act a dark hand, which he claimed was known to all. There is only one solution to all the problems faced by the country that all unconstitutional and dictatorial steps be nullified and country should be put on track of democracy as country would fall a prey to anarchy if dictatorship persisted in any shape, he maintained. Nawaz said that the attitude of the US and the rest of the world towards Pakistan was a point to ponder for the nation, and "we must take an account of ourselves now, otherwise the time will slip out of our hand." On a question about Charter of Democracy, Nawaz became grim saying that he was prepared to act on it 'word to word.' At one stage, while mentioning Benazir, Nawaz became emotional and said that she was very clear regarding issues and wished to solve all the problems politically. "Had she been alive today, she would have brought the CoD and Bhurban Declaration in actual practice, as she had signed the Charter. The country would not have been in a state of frustration." Expressing utter disappointment on the policies and attitude of the present government, Mr Sharif vowed that he would not go for tumbling down the present government or to pick up any way that was contrary to constitutional provisions. He also rejected the proposal of a national government, terming it ultra constitutional. He also showed his disgust over the working of the government maintaining that the government could not control the problems of masses. "I am supporting Zardari Sahib as I am his sympathizer. I am doing my duty as a Pakistani. If Zardari goes according to Constitution it is beneficial for him," he said. The former Prime Minister was however, very hopeful and optimistic about the future of Pakistan 'we ought to be resolute. If the Govt and the opposition work with prudence, positive results are sure to come," he opined. He claimed that he had a road-map of national prosperity, constituted upon supremacy of parliament, freedom of judiciary and strength of the institutions. Nawaz Sharif made it clear that Punjab Govt was neither a favour of somebody on somebody nor a charity of someone on the PML-N. It has been founded on the same ground as PPP had founded theirs in the centre. He said that declaring PML-N a Punjabi party was improper. PML(N), he said, is a country wide party which had enjoyed two third majority in the past and could get the same majority in future. "PPP had won only 16 N.A seats in Sindh in 1997. Should it be termed a Sindhi party then?' he questioned. To a question about Farah Dogar case, he said that all the outlets to injustice should be closed otherwise injustice would became a practice. "All the daughters of the nation are equal. Why should we keep silent if some high-up misuses his power for his children?" Nawaz was also asked a question about PCO judges and his disqualification case, to which he said that it was nothing but a pressurization. All my efforts are given to the freedom of judiciary. I call the nation to bear an evidence that the national interest are dearer to me than coming into power." After the interview he was asked that the Punjab CM Mian Shahbaz Sharif looked active all the time but he was never seen smiling, at which Nawaz said, "Look activity in him and smiles on my face."