Pakistan and India have never been friendly but the tensions between the two have mounted to a feverish pitch since the November 26 Mumbai attacks. We agree that it was tragic but think it is not fair to blame Pakistan for these attacks. India insists that we have to take the blame and is currently engaged in a well-planned campaign to mobilize international opinion against Pakistan. The Indian offensive has forced us on the back foot; we are left with no choice but to show determination in eradicating extremism and militancy from our soil for our own sake. At the same time we need to join hands as a nation and launch a diplomatic and political counteroffensive against Indian propaganda to logically prove to the world that Pakistan, itself a victim of terrorism, is not involved in any of these incidents happening around the world. We are a peace-loving nation and want to cooperate with the world in matters pertaining terrorism. Aren't we already doing so in the US war against terror? -SUMAIRA MAZHER, Rawalpindi, via e-mail, December 23.