LAHORE - A 16-member Pakistan under-13 baseball team left for Hong Kong to take part in the Asian Youth Championship. The tam was seen off by Pakistan Baseball Federation president Shaukat Javed and secretary Khawar Shah. The team will play its opening match on December 26 against Philippines. The team consists of Afraz Ahmed Malik (pitcher and base one), Saddam Hussain (left field), Mohammad Hussain (SS), Zeeshan Javed (pitcher and base two), Mohammad Talha (center field pitcher), Danial (base three), Asama Nasir (right field), Usman Khan (base three), Mohammad Hussain (keeper), Mohammad Abdullah (pitcher) and Mohammad Zagham (keeper). Syed Fakhar Ali Shah (team leader), Arif Ali (coach), Shabbir Ahmed (coach) and Mohammad Jamil (umpire). The championship is being participated by Pakistan, Philippines, Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, Indonesia and Hong Kong.