LAHORE - Keeping the PPP and PML-N power tussle in Punjab alive, member Punjab Assembly and PPP's former Punjab president Qasim Zia on Wednesday issued a strong note of warning to Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif, threatening dismissal of his government in the province in case PPP was denied its due share of power. "Those who helped formation of PML-N government in Punjab could also dislodge the present set up any moment." He was addressing a news conference at National Hockey Stadium here on Wednesday. Qasim, on this occasion, told Shahbaz Sharif, in no uncertain terms that his government may be dismantled any time if he failed to address PPP's concerns regarding power-sharing in the province. The former opposition leader in the assembly also disclosed PPP's plan to quit Punjab coalition if his party was denied its agreed share of power in the government. "It has already been agreed that PPP will get 40 per cent share in Punjab government, otherwise the PPP may decide to quit the coalition", he maintained. Qasim also accused Shahbaz Sharif of running one-man show in Punjab. "He (Shahbaz) has kept 13 ministries with him. Is not it one man show", he asked, adding that Punjab Governor Salman Taseer was performing his constitutional role. Replying to a question about the controversial 17th amendment, the PPP leader again laid the blame on PML-N leadership for the delay in revocation of the said amendment in the Constitution. "The PPP has got prepared a draft of 18th amendment to undo the 17th amendment, but PML-N is blocking the proposed legislation in the National Assembly", he alleged. Responding to a question about restoration of deposed judges, Qasim said that PPP believed in independence of judiciary and it has even restored the judges who were opposed to it.