SWAT (Agencies) - Militants have imposed a ban on female education and warned teachers of severe consequences if any girl is seen heading for a school in Swat district, local residents said Wednesday. The announcement was made Friday by a spokesman of radical cleric Maulana Fazlullah - who has waged armed struggle to impose Taliban rule in the district - on a pirated FM radio frequency regularly used by the militants. 'All the private and government schools have been given a 15-day deadline to close down the female education facilities. They have also banned women from visiting markets,' Mohammad Osman, a schoolteacher and social worker, told German news agency DPA. 'We have no choice but to follow the orders. The government cannot give us protection. Taliban have established a parallel government in 90 per cent area of the district and they execute everyone who opposes them,' he added. 'From 9.00 in the morning till 3.00 in the afternoon, you can see military patrolling the streets of some towns. As they leave, Taliban take over and for the rest of the day and night they rule the area,' said Osman.