LAHORE - Urea off-take has depicted a significant fall of 34 per cent YoY and 10 per cent MoM to 690k tons mainly due to decline in both urea and DAP sales. According to the latest fertilizer data released by the National Fertilizer Development Centre (NFDC), fertilizer off-take stood at 6.45m tons during Jan-Nov 2008, down by 1 per cent compared to 6.53 million tons in the same period last year. According to data, urea, which constitutes around 80pc of the total fertilizer off-take witnessed a rise of 17pc during Jan-Nov 2008 to 4.9mn tons. However, in Nov 2008 alone, urea sales have shown a negative growth 23pc YoY and 1%MoM due to delayed imports of urea during the peak season. After the announcement of DAP subsidy, DAP sales had rebounded in October 2008. However, sales again declined in November 2008 by 49 per cent YoY and 34pc MoM. It is believed that high local prices, fixed at Rs3050 per bag, till Dec 2008 continue to affect the DAP off-take.