Those who are born are bound to die one day. That is how Allah Almighty has programmed human life. But what people leave behind them in terms of legacy is important. History's verdict on leaders and their doings is the most objective assessment as it purges all estimates of their actions of biases and prejudices by sifting facts from fiction and put the record straight. December 27 marks the first death anniversary of slain leader of PPP and former PM, Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto. Given the importance of the day, it is necessary to analyse what BB stood for. What are the factors which have made her the heartbeat of millions of people across Pakistan and abroad? Here is a check list. BB was not merely an individual but incarnation of causes which are larger than life. She was the symbol of federation and national unity. PPP, which the Bhutto family nurtured with its blood and personal sacrifices, has its following in all the four provinces of Pakistan. Despite the efforts of the establishment to splinter the party by winning over some of its erstwhile stalwarts through ministerial positions, the party held its ground. This, in itself, is a credit to the leadership of Benazir who withstood all pressures bravely by rising above her personal pains for the larger cause of democracy and representative rule. The threat to PPP and BB was a threat posed to the national integration. By killing her, the perpetrators of doom and gloom have tried to conspire against the federation of the country. Will they succeed? The life of Benazir Bhutto is a symbol of resistance against dictatorship and tyrannical rule. She joined politics at a time when a military dictator was entrenched in power and her father, former Prime Minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, was all set to go to gallows via manipulation of the judicial processes. From then onwards, she led a relentless struggle against dictatorship and for revival of democracy. Hundreds of workers of the party were beaten publicly and detained illegally but these coercive actions of the regime only served to strengthen the resolve of the workers under the dynamic leadership Ms Bhutto. During the nine year long dictatorial rule of General Pervez Musharraf, BB waged a campaign against the excesses of dictator during her stay abroad in self-exile. By killing Benazir, the perpetrators of gloom and doom have tried to snatch away the dream of democracy and representative rule. Will they succeed? Being a woman herself, BB was a role model for the women of not only Pakistan but also the entire world. She had the honour of being the first woman prime minister of a Muslim country. She was a powerful voice for women rights and emancipation in a male-dominated society. In a society where divisive ideologies and extremist viewpoints are a noticeable feature, she was an icon who stood for enlightenment and inclusive society. She was for diversity in unity. She stood in the way of extremists and enlightened Pakistan. By killing BB, the perpetrators of doom and gloom have tried to convey a message to women about the type of society they want to establish, which is characterised with character and radicalisation. Will they succeed? The situation is pretty explosive with unimaginable implications for the future of the state and society. It all depends on our collective response to the challenges we face today. By killing Benazir Bhutto the perpetrators of doom and gloom might have silenced one voice but they cannot silence the ideas and causes her life symbolised and for which she sacrificed her life. In the kind of circumstances Pakistan is mired in, there is all the more need to look forward to the ideals espoused by Benazir Bhutto because they give us light at the end of tunnel. This democratic government, which has come into power as a result of the people's vote on February 18, owes it to Benazir Bhutto and it is its prime obligation to translate the ideals of Mohtarma Shaheed into reality. There can be no better tribute to her than this. This is how we can defeat the terrorists. The writer is a freelance columnist