Altaf Hussain has asked his workers not to throng the apex court on January 7, and has thus provided them, as well as him, with a face saving excuse. January in Islamabad is rather cold for Karachites to bear. During 1960s when the capital was shifted from Karachi to Islamabad, most Karachites went running back to Karachi saying it was too cold for them. Also with the prevalent rail and air fares not many could have afforded to undertake the travel. Next, where would the so-called fifteen hundred thousand have stayed, and who would have paid for their boarding and lodging? As such there would have been hardly anyone venturing from Karachi to ‘throng’ the SC and it would have exposed badly the impotent power that he has over the masses.

Altaf has played a master stroke of killing two birds with one stone, he has avoided the embarrassment of not being able to gather the millions to ‘throng’ the court and yet show ‘benevolence’ towards the court and the rulers of his respect for the judiciary. Well done Altaf, you know the art of duping the masses and the rulers alike proving that you are a great politician.


Rawalpindi, December 20.