Chairman All Parties Hurriyet Conference Syed Ali Geelani has accused Indian forces of demolishing houses of Kashmiri people and forcing them to leave the Valley a la Israel. That is in blatant violation of human rights and the UN Charter. In Soupur alone, he says, a large number of houses were raised to the ground, apple trees uprooted and occupants forced to leave the area under orders of Indian army commanders. Besides, several Kashmiri leaders, detained without any legal authority, were being forced to languish in prisons despite illness. Amnesty International and International Red Cross must heed Syed Ali Geelani’s call and provide them due medical facilities and ensure their release.

New Delhi’s security forces deployed in the Valley have unleashed untold atrocities against innocent Kashmiris waging a freedom struggle against its illegal occupation. A Kashmiri representative delegation, during its visit to Pakistan, interacted with leadership in Islamabad and raised the issue of India’s brutal attitude towards the population in the Valley. The situation constitutes a clarion call to the champions of human rights urging them to spare a moment’s thought and compel India to put an end to the regime of state-sponsored terrorism and let the Kashmiris exercise their right to self-determination.