Ruling PPP, backed by a section of media and some amateur economists, seems to be set against NAB chairman’s statements that there is 7 to 8 billion rupees corruption in Pakistan every day. The Prime Minister has joined the campaign. The logical point of the rebuff is that the amount cited by NAB exceeds the income of Pakistan; PPP government and its supporters are right, because all income is being lost to corruption before it even reaches the state coffers.

One businessman in his op-ed has recently contended that NAB chairman is exaggerating, confusing the figures on the scale of corruption in Pakistan. He went on to explain that theft, tax evasion, inefficiency etc should not be confused with corruption, how absurd, one may ask then what would define corruption. After all the corruption in the country, there are still defenders of the present ruling elite and they have given a clean bill of health to this diseased government. Instead of supporting and lauding the courage of NAB for speaking the truth, a section of media is criticizing its officials. If there is no corruption, than how come majority of indebted Ministers, MPAs, MNAs and Senators become billionaires overnight, after coming to power? I certainly have accepted this seeing elected representatives from my constituencies, who have now multiplied their assets after winning the elections. We are living in strange times where we see more people accepting corruption as a norm and also supporting it and their numbers are growing.


Johi, December 18.