The private schools protested against the proposed passage of the Private Schools Regulatory Authority Act of the KPK Provincial Assembly. These schools throughout the province were kept closed on December 8 in protest. I fail to understand as to why some of the institutions, both public and private consider themselves above the law? If institutions of the public and government sectors can be regulated why not private schools? These schools have been exploiting parents, charging exorbitant fees; whereas hardly useful education is provided in most of them. In most of these schools cramming/rote-learning is encouraged. Until Matriculation in all classes students are allotted high marks unduly to give the impression to the parents that their wards are doing well in academic.

Among all these private schools true English Medium schools are few and far between. No facilities are provided, in most of the schools, to the students. Most lavatories are hardly useable as there is no cleanliness maintained; school canteens serve unhealthy food at very high cost. The teachers are not very interested as they have a very low salary. These school owners are more business persons then educationists. They want to earn large amount by spending minimum in the school structure or facilities. Let there be a regulatory authority but like other such ‘authorities’ in Pakistan, are we setting up one more graft taking institute?


Charsada, December 9.