As the general elections of the country are approaching, we see a number of politicians switching their loyalties besides the smaller party head making alliances with possible potential winners to remain in power. The unfortunate part is that we have same political families coming into power turn by turn. They know the art of looting and plundering the national wealth and fully exploit the short memory of the masses. There is a famous Persian proverb, “Aazmooda ra aazmooden jehl ast “ meaning if you try the tried you are stupid! The nation has tried PPP and PML-N twice or thrice before and seen that each excelled the other in corruption and plundering the country’s wealth during their turns of tenure.

Now both parties claim they are angels, with promises of bringing prosperity to the common man. We are sick of listening to such empty promises of these tried parties, who after coming to power do nothing for the masses. They award contracts of the country‘s development projects to their friends and family with huge kickbacks. To name a few evils, they don’t have any plans for educating the masses or doing away with corruption. There is never going to be accountability in this country and in semi autonomous organizations, the key posts will be given to non qualified people, there will be no merit based appointments. They are all bringing out big guns of change now, just a few months to elections, I would like to ask what were they doing for the last five years? Sleeping? Now the public is desperate to see change in the leadership and the faces. I strongly feel that the old faces and tried parties should not have any place, but have we been able to change the mindset of those people who have been bringing them into power?


Lahore, December21.