The biologists say that the entire biological kingdom moves on the principle of avoiding pain and gaining pleasure, thus the inherent tendency in all living beings is to be corrupt. The attainment of immediate gains by trampling upon the rights of others, and becomes the simplest form of corruption. It is this instant gratification that makes it so difficult to eradicate corruption from human society. The other main issue is the race that is on, in Pakistan, of showing off how much wealth you have. We are judged by our car and house and the cell phone we have rather than our character and faith.

But it is possible to control corruption by instilling mental discipline from a very young age through schooling at home and in schools of moral and ethical values. This, though, does not mean that every individual will voluntarily become honest. On the contrary, if a few people have knowledge but the rest have not, it will become easy for the educated to prey upon the illiterate that is why this malady is so rampant in our country. If all individuals are educated and have access to information it will become difficult to manipulate the masses.

If we can provide modern tools of understanding, everybody will be in a position to resist falling victim to such predatory elements of the society. Instead of diverting funds to weapons and the army we should be building an educated youth to combat corruption and terrorism. The reason our government is looking the other way is because they are benefiting from the large illiterate masses that they can control with very little. Education is the only means of abolishing corruption and this is how the advanced societies have set their own house in order.


Muzaffargarh, November 21.