ISLAMABAD- With the nation still mourning the Peshawar massacre, the scenario has changed though and Christians across Pakistan have collectively decided to tone down celebrations.

Christmas across Pakistan will not have an air of festivity this time and would be limited to congregation prayers in the morning, followed by family get-togethers. Special services were held in Churches across the country.

The day started with special prayers at Churches. Christmas trees were decorated with lights and colorful balls in Christian colonies, outside shopping malls and alongside the important roads. The Christian community in the country renewed their commitments to follow the teachings of their religion in letter and spirit.

Special ceremonies and masses were scheduled for the day in all churches across the country with prayers for peace and stability of Pakistan. Several churches have already been paying homage and leading prayers for the victims of Peshawar massacre that left 142 people including 133 children dead. The government has made comprehensive security arrangements and special deployment of police has been ensured at Churches and public places.