PESHAWAR- Former interior minister Rehman Malik has said every child who has been martyred in Peshawar army public school carnage be awarded Nishan-e- Haider medal, as the martyred children have united the nation by rendering sacrifice of their lives.

Rehman Malik said this while talking to media men here after his visit to Army Public School Peshawar today. He said Peshawar tragedy is not an ordinary incident of terrorism; it is an attack on parents of the whole country. What harm had the innocent children caused to the terrorists? The culprits behind this tragic incident should be brought to justice.

He went on to say every Taliban is not a terrorist and he calls those Taliban as Zalman who indulge in suicide attacks and kill our children.

He held that during the meeting of parliamentary parties, the matter of especial courts was talked about rather than military courts. Such terrorists will be tried in these courts who chalk out planning for terrorism. These courts will be headed over by army officer. It was further decided in the meeting that no law alien to constitution will be enacted. It will be ensured that it should not be used for settling political scores.

He held “Afghan refugees are our brothers but presence of terrorists in their camps will not be tolerated in any way. Afghan authorities have always demanded from Pakistan to do more. We handed over every terrorist they demanded from us. Now it is Afghanistan turn to hand over us within 24 hours all the persons involved in Peshawar carnage including  Moulvi Fazlullah ring leader of terrorists in  Pakistan.

Amir Jamaat-e- Islami (JI) Seraj ul Haq said there was no other option left except constitution of military courts to deal with terrorism. He went on to say citizens of Peshawar have rendered unprecedented sacrifices. The business of coffins and shroud is booming here. But Peshawar tragedy has shaken the entire humanity to the core. We are still feeling the fragrance of blood of martyred children. Every Pakistani is saddened over Peshawar tragedy.

Now time has come to transform country into Islamic Pakistan, he underlined. By the grace of Allah Almighty, the year of 2015 will be year of peace.

He observed that military courts provide only interim solution. The accused will be extended full opportunity for their defense. The decision for constitution of military courts has been taken under pressing compulsion. All the parties of the country had reservations over establishment of military courts, therefore, their timeline has been fixed for 2 years, he pointed out.