The Pakistan Textile Exporters Association appreciated the police efforts to maintain the law and order as the extortionists, who had demanded extortion from the industrialists, were arrested by the police.

Some terror group had demanded huge extortion from the industrialists and also threatened them with dire consequence in case of failure to accept the demand. Addressing a press conference along with high officials of district police here on Wednesday, Sohail Pasha, the PTEA chairman, said that In case of refusal, the caller had threatened to kidnap and murder the kids of industrialists.

As a result of such threat calls, business and trade community was in a state of panic and harassment and business activities were also decreasing, he said. The case was brought into the notice of the city police officer. He reacted promptly and activated the cellular detection department of Faisalabad police to identify the suspects behind these threatening calls and put them behind bars. As a result of strenuous efforts of the cellular detection unit, the suspects were finally identified and arrested, he briefed. He lauded the efforts of the district police which worked hard to solve the case. He hoped that district police will continue its momentum to counter the culprits and maintain the peace and security in the city.

Later, City Police Officer Sohail Habib Tajik thanked the industrialists and business community for their encouragement and expressed that security of lives and property of the citizens and maintaining the law and order situation is the top priority of the district police.