Many parents are reluctant to send their children to the 10th Karachi International Book Fair, held at Expo Centre on account of terrorists activity in Peshawar. This four day exhibition used to be the most awaited event, last year 400,000 visitors came to show their love for books. This year the organisers were expecting the attendance of 450,000. However the recent attacks on Army Public School in Peshawar, entailing children massacre and monstrosity, drastically effected the turn out. Since the Peshawar carnage, educational institutes and events are considered to be most the susceptible spot for such incidents, therefore, masses are reluctant to put their lives at risk by participating in such activities. I request the media to conduct awareness campaigns and motivational programs for public to uplift their moral and to eradicate the embedded fear. Moreover, workshops and theaters should be carried out to tell the parents that their fear would empower the terrorists more.


Karachi, December 22.